Local January 3, 2022 | 4:20 pm

Woman’s assailant in Baní is being tracked down

Bani, Peravia, DR
While the police investigative bodies in this city intensified the search for Alexis Villalona, who escaped after disseminating video images of him beating young Santa Arias in a local street, the affected woman signed a complaint about physical aggression before the Gender and Victim Attention Unit.

Yesterday afternoon, Sunday, investigative units of the incident and the Women and Domestic Violence Unit, together with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, conducted another search at the home of Villalona’s mother in search of information that could define her whereabouts.

During the legal day, several people were arrested, but their identities were not known at the moment.

Earlier in the morning, Villalona’s home had been raided, but he was not there at the time.

However, it was reported that the authorities who conducted this first raid had seized several “Rambo type” knives and a “mitten,” which for the investigators reveals a violent profile of the aggressor of the young woman.

What is a mitten
Whatever it is called, whether it is the steel fist, American fist, mitten, knuckle duster, or private key, it is a blunt weapon formed by a structure that fits directly to the user’s hand, more precisely to the user’s knuckles.

It is a dangerous weapon and can break a person’s skull quickly and easily.

The young woman, who Villalona slapped in the early hours of Saturday morning, reported that before the aggression was carried out, the individual had blocked her way in the street and hit her pasola, knocking her to the pavement.

Under protection
As a result of the aggression, Arias was treated at Nuestra Señora de Regla Hospital, according to the complaint, which reportedly caused an injury to her mouth, and she suffered severe headaches.

Arias has been under the protection of the Gender Unit of Protection and Attention to Victims program since last Saturday.

She was also authorized to be taken to a diagnostic center in Santo Domingo to study possible traumas.

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