Local January 6, 2022 | 4:56 pm

Children admitted for Covid-19 in Robert Reid Cabral increase to 19

Santo Domingo, DR

The Doctor Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital has to date 19 patients admitted for Covid-19 and other respiratory conditions, who said that it is “on the rise because of how the situation is going.”

He also stated that other areas were being prepared for new cases that could be presented.

“Influenza A, B and Covid-19 are the conditions of most of our income,” said Clemente.

It currently has nine children admitted for dengue; treatment continues to be provided to regular users with other health conditions.

Face-to-face classes?

Regarding the face-to-face classes, he expressed his professional opinion saying, “we are in favor of reconsidering the situation, the ideal would be to give it two more weeks and see what happens, but the best thing would be to leave it virtually,” Galen’s words.


On the other hand, he recommended that parents keep the minors in the tranquility of their homes and remind and exercise the infants of how they should protect their health.

“We have to educate children for the new normal, use a mask if you are out of the house, constant hand washing and keep your distance,” added Clemente.

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John Doe
January 6, 2022 8:43 pm

Lies…Lies…and more Lies! This is our government sponsored news!