Health January 6, 2022 | 3:54 pm

Do you know how to complete your vaccination schedule against COVID-19?

The fifth wave of COVID-19 is experienced in the Dominican Republic,  driven by the omicron variant reflected in an avalanche of new daily cases.

Therefore, it is recommended that each citizen complete their vaccination schedule to protect themselves from the disease and not let it hit them with full impact.

If you were vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer, the third of that same brand or Sinovac would be applied to you. The fourth (optional) would also be Pfizer/Sinovac.

Whereas if you applied two doses of Sinovac, the third could be Pfizer/Sinovac. The fourth (optional) would be Pfizer/Sinovac.

Remember that the third dose is from 18 years of age.

Here you can check the vaccination center closest to your sector.

See it here: Check vaccination centers.

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John Conor
January 7, 2022 10:43 am

April 2022 the 4th shot is mandatory the 5th is optional, surprise little sheep you have to get inline one more time…