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President Abinader calls on public to learn to live with Covid-19

President Luis Abinader calls on the population to learn to live with Covid-19.

Today, the President of the RepublicLuis Abinader, called on the population to learn to live with the Covid-19 virus.

“We have to learn to live with covid, keeping our distance, taking precautions in place,” said Abinader .

In the same vein, the President said that the Cabinet of Health constantly evaluates and monitors the development of the pandemic.

“The Cabinet of Health is meeting all day, assessing the situation and taking appropriate decisions,” he said,

“In these 16 months we have made the right decisions. That is why the country has one of the lowest fatalities in the world,” said Abinader.

He adds that while the cases of the variant of Covid-19omicron, increase, the lethality of the virus also decreases.

Return to classes

Regarding the return to classes, he said that he waits until tomorrow, Friday, a decision is made regarding the presence or not of teaching.

“The  Health Cabinet  together with  Education  are making consultations to determine, I think that tomorrow they should decide on the issue of schools,” said Abinader.

“Throughout the world, due to a highly contagious, but at the same time the least lethal variant, 98% of countries have no restrictions. Schools are opening,” said the President.

Bulletin # 658

The  Ministry of  Public Health  reported today in its  bulletin # 658  that  5,307 new cases of infections due to Covid-19 were detected .

The positivity has reached  38.78%. There were also no deaths. Meanwhile, the fatality is currently 0.97%. No deaths were reported.

The samples processed by the governing body of health were  23,715. Of this number of tests, 1 1,835 are PCR and 11,880 are antigen tests.

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John Doe
January 6, 2022 8:47 pm

All of the PCR tests should be thrown out as they DO NOT DETECT the difference between Covid and any other virus! The CDC in the US finally admitted to this, after claiming the man who invented this device was spreading misinformation (for saying it doesn’t work). Clown World!