Local January 8, 2022 | 12:03 pm

Nurses infected with Covid-19 variants

Nurses are infected.

Almost 700 nurses have been infected with covid-19 in its different variants, the National Nursing Association (Asonaen) reported yesterday.

The union said that more than 694 nurses had been infected, which should be a red flag for authorities. The union leaders demanded that supplies be delivered, such as a biosafety kit. The directors of the National Association of Nurses referred to the issue and insisted that the health system is in danger due to increasing numbers of sick personnel.

Mariano Suazo and Miriam Féliz, president and vice president of Asonaen, complained at a press conference.

“There is a medical crisis with these personnel, since more than 694 nurses are currently infected with covid-19 throughout the country and dozens are awaiting the results of PCR tests,” said the union members.

Suazo, president of Asonaen, called on the authorities to intervene and resume the incentives for Covid-19 and for Occupational Risk to assume the cost of contagion as a professional matter.

“We have a large number of hospitals nationwide of fully vaccinated nurses and promoters infected with Covid-19,” said Suazo.

They criticize President Luis Abinader’s decision not to replace infected nurses.

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