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Citizens visit outdoor areas to lower tensions

Oblivious to the Covid, the children yesterday played outdoors, watched by relatives in children's playgrounds in the city. LEONEL MATOS / RHP

Santo Domingo, DR

“Between the confinement and the coronavirus, we are going to go crazy,” insistently expressed a lady who visited Plaza Güibia, in the Malecón of Santo Domingo this Sunday, to spend time together with her grandchildren and thus distract the mind.

Talking to a team of Listin Diario, Altagracia Cesa said that she went after 11:00 am yesterday, Sunday morning, to the playgrounds of this open-air establishment to avoid exposing herself to the crowds and to take care of the children who accompanied her.

“We came early to celebrate the birthday of the little girl and there are not so many people right now, but already later I imagine that more will arrive, then we will leave,” she said, explaining that we must always maintain social distancing for the good of every citizen.

Likewise, she pointed out that one can go out for recreation and try to resume the usual routines taking into account the prevention measures, because if not, “we will go crazy, with the confinement and the variants,” she reiterated.

“Wearing a mask will always work, you just have to take the measures: keep your distance, wash your hands and wear a mask,” Cesa emphasized as she was about to take some pictures of her granddaughter while she was swinging.

Her daughter, Raysa Almonte, and mother of the celebrant said that her priority is not to “get so close to the people,” and she is watching that the children also assume the same attitude while having fun.

Other citizens also chose to go out to the parks to get away from the frequent information about the new variants of the coronavirus and, above all, the incidence of the Omicron in the national territory.

Although a large crowd of people was not seen in the recreational area, those who visited the place enjoyed themselves at a prudent distance.


Lookout point.
Another of the parks where a higher number of visitors was seen was the Mirador Sur of the capital.

One of the visitors expressed that it is essential to take the children out because the permanent confinement can trigger some traumas in the children. “We try to have almost no contact with anyone and are always protected to have fun,” she said while getting her children ready to return home after riding bicycles and running on roller skates.

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