Local January 10, 2022 | 5:02 pm

More than 300 families live among garbage and sewage

They complain that the Santo Domingo Norte council does not have them on the list of works of the participatory budget.

Condemned to live amid sewage and garbage are some 300 families in the Las Colina’s sector of Los Guarícanos, in Santo Domingo Norte, who, before the indifferent gaze of the Santo Domingo Norte City Council, ask President Luis Abinader to help them.

Community leaders in the area expressed that the condition of vulnerability in which they are submerged also leads them to coexist with the contamination expelled by the infected waters of a ravine, which is in the very heart of the place.

“You enter the city council page and see how an investment of about RD $ 80 million is announced in infrastructure works in various sectors of that demarcation, but I don’t know anything about us. No people live here,” José Almánzar, one of the residents, said indignantly.

As explained by the journalist Fernando Suero, who lives close to the area, indeed of the 17 works that are contemplated in the participatory budget for the year 2022, it only covers the execution of people who are residents in urban and rural areas.

“In the case of Los Guarícanos, specifically, in the Las Colinas sector, no budget item is observed aimed at solving problems of these families,” he said.

Residents of Las Colinas consider it unbearable to continue living among garbage and sewage for another year when other sectors are privileged with the construction of works.

“This is a sign that we are only important around here when there is a political campaign,” said Dolores Castillo, who asked Luis Abinader to help the community members.

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Paul Tierney
January 11, 2022 8:20 am

The impoverished are most always underserved by government. A few get served with token food baskets and Pesos during holidays and election times, then outside of that are left to rot with the garbage.