Local January 11, 2022 | 3:07 pm

Pharmacies promise to stock anti-influenza medicines

Santo Domingo, DR
The Association of Dominican Pharmaceutical Industries (Infadomi) reported that it has the capacity to supply all the demand for anti-flu drugs required by the country.

The guild admitted that there has undoubtedly been an irregular demand for this type of drug due to the substantial increase in Covid-19, influenza, and other respiratory diseases.

Infadomi also mentioned that the holidays have also caused the flow of resupply in the distribution chain to be a little slower.

Patricia Mena Sturla, executive of Infadomi, explained to Listin Diario that the industry is working hand in hand with the pharmacy distributors so that any irregularities are corrected this week, “because as I said, it has been an irregular and unexpected situation,” which has arisen at the beginning of this week.

However, she confirmed that they have the capacity to supply all the anti-flu medicine demanded by the population.

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