Local January 11, 2022 | 1:45 pm

Schools open on the slope of contagion

Schools are being equipped with a hand hygiene system. JORGE MARTINEZ

Santo Domingo, DR

Schools open their doors today to reintegrate to classes of more than two million students in the public sector and thus continue the 2021-2022 school year, which began last September and aims to culminate in the month of June-July of this year.

These will return after the vacations under an atypical biosecurity scheme in the educational centers due to the incidence of the coronavirus and its variants and influenza.

On several occasions, the Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar, reiterated the call to parents and guardians to voluntarily reintegrate their children to the restart of classes despite the opposition of the president of the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP), Eduardo Hidalgo, who insists that “there are no conditions.”

However, Fulcar said that the educational centers had guaranteed the products recommended by the health authorities to maintain the Biosecurity Protocol for the academic community.

Health Cabinet
On the other hand, the director of the National Health System and member of the Health Cabinet, Mario Lama, was in favor of the opening of the schools and considered the decision positive, justifying that they will be safe in these spaces.

While the executive director of the Seguro Médico del Magisterio (SEMMA), Sonia Félix, also called on teachers to return to the classrooms to support students in the educational process.

She urged teachers to complete the vaccination scheme for greater effectiveness during the development of the second semester of the year 2021-2022.

She added that “all public and private activities are open, so there is no justification for keeping schools closed and students locked up.”

The director of Region #15 of the educational system, Rafael Amador Figaris, reiterated the call to the educational community to return with the school year taking into account the provisions issued by the Health Cabinet and the Ministry of Education,

“The 547 schools, high schools, and polytechnics of Region#15 will be supervised to certify that hygiene protocols are complied with to avoid the spread of the coronavirus,” he said.

This includes Pedro Brand, Los Alcarrizos, and Santo Domingo West.

Private schools
Some 600,000 private sector students will also be reintegrated into the approximately 3,000 existing schools.

The Dominican Union of Private Educational Institutions (UDIEP) reiterated the call to reopen face-to-face classes in a voluntary, flexible and controlled manner.

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