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Patients in poor condition are sent home

Clinics are bouncing Covid patients due to lack of staff and spaces enabled to provide assistance.

Santiago, DR
People infected with Covid-19 said they are being bounced from public and private health centers, even though they presented signs of seriousness and that instead, they are sent back to their homes for treatment.

They said that this situation occurs in clinics and hospitals in Santiago, such as the Jose Maria Cabral y Baez, Presidente Arturo Grullon, and the peripheral zones in the city.

Juan Liriano declared that four days ago, he went to a health center because he presented high fever, dry cough, body and head pain, respiratory difficulties, throat obstruction, dizziness, and other symptoms, but a doctor recommended him a drug and sent him home, even though his condition deserved hospitalization.

“I’m better, but I didn’t like that. Other people are going through the same situation, they don’t want to receive them, they send them home for treatment,” he lamented.

In this regard, the medical director of the Cabral y Baez regional hospital in Santiago, Manasés Peña, affirmed that patients from public and private centers have a protocol applied to them to define the conduct to follow with them.

“That protocol includes laboratory tests, tomography, a complete health history analysis to see what symptoms they have, if they are vaccinated or not, if they suffer from any disease and that all that is collected in the diagnosis,” Peña explained.

He stressed that patients who suffer from some disease and who have severe symptoms such as respiratory difficulties undergo CAT scans to see how their lungs are and that if those organisms are clean, they qualify to be put on the correct treatment and that after prescribing the indicated medications, they are sent home to return in seven days.

Peña said that the vaccinated and present the symptoms of the virus are put on outpatient treatment and that pulmonology consultations usually assess their condition.

He said that depending on the severity of the patient, it is determined if they qualify for isolation, which can be in a second-level hospital.

Criteria for hospitalization
Those vaccinated
Peña said that vaccinated patients who present symptoms of the virus are treated on an outpatient basis, and their condition is usually assessed by pulmonology.

Patients who have severe respiratory difficulties and are already saturating or damaged in the CAT scans are admitted to public and private health centers.

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