Local January 13, 2022 | 3:46 pm

Robert Reid hospital without space to receive more patients due to Covid-19


Santo Domingo, DR.

The director of the Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital, Clemente Terrero, reported Thursday that the center has the two Covid-19 wards full and that they cannot receive more patients for internment until more space is made available.

“The two Covid wards we have are completely full. They have been calling us to receive more patients and we have said to hold off until today to do what we can to have more space available and accommodate those patients who require hospitalization for the Covid condition,” he said.

In addition to the patients admitted for respiratory infections, the hospital has seven children admitted for dengue.

The health professional recommended that mothers continue to monitor their children and vaccinate them on time, in addition to keeping them at home as much as possible.

Coronavirus cases drop at Moscoso Puello Hospital

The Covid unit of the Dr. Francisco E. Moscoso Puello Teaching Hospital has 30 patients admitted today, seven of whom are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and 23 in normal hospitalization.

The Hospital’s communications manager said that all these days had been full of patients with the virus, but today they have had a slight reduction.

“All these days we have been crowded, but today there has been a slight reduction. Before yesterday we had 40 patients, which is the number of beds we have available in the hospital,” he informed.

He also said that they continue to prepare to receive patients who are accompanied by a family member or those who arrive in the 911 Unit. He added that the patients in the ICU are very delicate and those who are hospitalized “within their clinical picture”, their conditions are very varied.

Vaccination centers

At the Sports Hall of Fame Pavilion and the Fencing Pavilion of the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center, people continue to attend en masse to take the antigen and PCR test.

The reasons that lead them there, according to some, are because they are going on a trip and others because they have flu symptoms or a family member has tested positive in the last few days.

The Taekwondo Pavilion has had a good flow of people going to be inoculated against the coronavirus. During the morning, 114 people in the age range of 25 to 30 years old came for the third dose.

According to the person in charge of the area, Vianny García, they have come for the fourth dose, but since they have not been vaccinated for the third dose for six months, they cannot be vaccinated.

Handball Pavilion

Nurse Santas Salas also said that 240 people have attended today at the Handball Pavil ion of Parque del Este for the PCR test and 40 people for the third dose.

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