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Adequate availability of beds for those affected by the virus in country

41% of Covid beds are occupied in the District.

Santo Domingo, DR
In the Dominican Republic, hospital occupancy in standard hospital beds is around 24% in hospitals and 54% in private medical centers. There are 358 patients admitted in the former, and the latter, 469.

In the Intensive Care Units, there are 567 beds available, of which 281 are with delicate patients, for 50%, and of 470 ventilators, 152 are in use, of which 99 are in private clinics and 53 in hospitals.

The system has 4,166 isolation beds with 304 occupied for the availability of 93%.

Reports from the National Health Service (SNS) indicate that there are 255 covid beds available in the National District, of which 41% are occupied. Of the 267 ICUs, 115 have delicate patients, while of the 188 ventilators, 50 are in use.

In the Province of Santo Domingo, there are 319 beds available and only 88 in use; 21 of 51 ICUs are in use, and 30 of 84 ventilators are in use.

There are 443 enabled beds in Santiago, and of these, 272 have covid patients, for 71%. There are 92 ICUs with 73 patients admitted, with only 19 available. Meanwhile, out of 70 ventilators, there are 41 in use for 59%.

Clinics in the capital
Plaza de la Salud, which has 18 beds for Covid patients, is operating at 100%, as are its 23 ICUs, which are full, although it has nine of the ten ventilators available for these cases.

Hospiten has two of its eight beds available, and five of the six ICUs, as well as three of the four ventilators, are not occupied.

Of the hospitals in Greater Santo Domingo with units for covid, the Francisco Eduardo Aybar only has two of the 23 standard beds available; four of the 10 ICUs and one ventilator out of six installed in this center.

The Reid Cabral children’s hospital has 22 inpatients, with eight beds for new admissions. 100% of the ICUs are filled, and all three ventilators are available. Cecanot has 22 ICUs available and ten ventilators.

In the Duarte provinces, 34% of the standard beds, 48% of the ICUs, and 30% of the ventilators are occupied. In Espaillat, there is a similar behavior in hospitalizations with 34% of the standard beds in use, 60% of the ICUs, and 56% of the ventilators.

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