Local January 22, 2022 | 4:57 pm

Domestic tourism recovers and positions itself

The occupation in Constanza is total this weekend.

The development of alternative tourist destinations, such as domestic tourism, will continue quite quickly, so this option has already taken on significant relevance, assured yesterday by the president of the Constanza Tourism Cluster, Rafael Collado.

He said that this weekend in Constanza, the occupation is total in residences and rental houses, demonstrating the demand that domestic tourism has been taking in the country for years.

“Constanza is completely full as of today (yesterday). Even in Jarabacoa, I understand that due to the development it has had, it is saturated with so many people who have decided to invest there,” he explained.

He specified that with the country’s tourism sector’s recovery, occupancy in Constanza has already returned to its pre- covid-19 level but indicates that it will exceed it.

“There is a constant development of housing construction. People are investing in these destinations from a real estate and tourism point of view.”


Regarding the internal closure last year, he said that it closed on the rise since the reopening of tourism in Constance it has improved a lot.

He indicated that the hotels in Constanza are primarily small, but that compliance with the protocols of the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of covid-19 played an essential role in the selection of the destination.

He said that long weekends like this bring many benefits to destinations that are not yet so traditional.

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