Local January 24, 2022 | 10:07 am

Infotep will extend its training project to the Dominican diaspora in the Southern Cone

Maira Moral, Fidel Santana and Rafael Santos Badía. (Photo: Infotep)

Santo Domingo.– The director of the Institute for Technical and Vocational Training (Infotep), Rafael Santos Badía, will work, in coordination with the Dominican embassies in Uruguay and Chile, on a training project to support the Dominican diaspora residing in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, made up of nearly 70 thousand people.

In a meeting held with the Dominican ambassador in Uruguay, Fidel Santana, Santos Badía explained that the actions to offer technical careers to Dominican men and women living in the Southern Cone will also be coordinated with the Dominican ambassador in Chile, Fausto Rafael Liz Quiñones.

“In that sense we can say that it is very important for us to have some initiatives to support those Dominicans, whose only bridge of contact with their country is the embassy. Today we are taking advantage of the presence in the country of the ambassador in Uruguay, to agree on this project that will begin with virtual training,” he said.

Santana highlighted the interest that Dominicans abroad have in improving themselves through technical training in order to place themselves in better employment positions and be able to continue helping the country by sending remittances.

“Through Infotep, the Dominican government gives a boost to citizens living abroad. So I greatly appreciate this gesture of solidarity,” said the diplomat.

The training plan will be carried out within the framework of the Training and Validation Project for the Dominican Diaspora. As part of this initiative, last September Infotep delivered the first certificates to 19 Dominican leaders residing in New Jersey, for having completed a course on transformative leadership.

A scholarship program was also launched in October of last year in technical areas where job opportunities have been identified, aimed at Dominicans residing in the United States, in coordination with the Institute of Dominicans Abroad and the Dominican Consulate in New York.


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