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A promise to bring Las Dunas predators to justice

The Dunes of Baní have historically been affected by predators. ARCHIVE/Listín Diario

Minister Orlando Jorge Mera said they would also subdue those responsible for the forest fires in the Sierra de Bahoruco.

Santo Domingo.- The Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Orlando Jorge Mera, reported yesterday that this week those involved in the removal of sand from Las Dunas de Baní, located in the province of Peravia, will be brought to justice.

After several complaints published by Listín Diario that warned about the illegal extraction of the material in that natural reserve, the official appointed a technical commission of The Environment.

Environment, which inspected the areas of reception and processing of sand and the areas affected by the looting.

In its edition yesterday, Listín Diario editorialized asking for the identification of the people involved in the illegal extraction of Las Duna’s sand to end that ecological crime.

“And while we await the public identification of these predators, our hope is that, after an exemplary sanction, the authority will not again allow Las Dunas to be devoured by the excessive desire for profit of the sand merchants involved,” says the editorial position of this media.

Jorge Mera reacted to the editorial note of the Listín Diario in the Altar of the Homeland while laying a wreath in honor of Juan Pablo Duarte on the 209th anniversary of his birth.

The minister also reported yesterday that the Environment has indications about those allegedly responsible for the fire in the Sierra de Bahoruco National Park in the province of Pedernales.

He said this evidence would be released later. Meanwhile, the institution will concentrate on the work of brigades to compensate as much as possible for the environmental damage suffered by the area.

Responsible for protecting
The law.

Minister Jorge Mera has already explained that a team of technicians has undertaken evaluation efforts in the affected area and has warned that the Ministry of the Environment will bring those responsible to justice, as mandated by Law 64-00.

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January 28, 2022 12:12 am

Right well never hear about this again