Local January 31, 2022 | 2:30 pm

At least one dead and 35 houses affected by rains in Cibao

Santiago, DR

Heavy downpours in Santiago and other Cibao provinces caused the death of a man who was crushed by a tree while trying to shelter from the rains under it.

The Civil Defense identified the deceased person as Manuel Azcona, a resident of the La Herradura sector.

According to the authorities of this province, Azcona lost his life in the vicinity of Sabana Iglesia.

The tree’s fall interrupted traffic between Santiago and Sabana Iglesia for several hours. Also, it caused power line interruptions, which led to the presence of an Edenorte brigade in the area.

During the early morning hours, traffic was restored along the said highway, while Civil Defense brigades carried out relief work in different neighborhoods of Santiago affected by floods.

Due to the abundant rains, the Gurabo stream overflowed, causing flooding in Los Hoyos de Bartola, Puchula, and the Cecara and Jabilla neighborhoods.

In other parts of the city, power lines were damaged, which caused a lack of electricity, as happened in the Jacagua area.

From other areas of the Cibao, especially in the northwest, there are preliminary reports of flooding.

Damage in Puerto Plata

According to the Civil Defense, the heavy rains that have fallen in this city since Sunday afternoon affected at least 35 homes due to the floods caused by the rise of the San Marcos River.

The accumulation of rubbish, trees, and other objects caused the river to overflow, which flooded the houses located in its vicinity.

Civil Defense Brigades, other relief agencies, and the National Police verified during the night the drop in water levels and the normalization of the situation of the affected homes.

In the early morning hours, a brigade from the Municipal Council headed by Mayor Roquelito García proceeded to remove debris from the river to prevent it from affecting homes in the area. In contrast, the rains continue in this city and in other municipalities where reported flooding of rivers and ravines, but no houses have been affected so far.

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January 31, 2022 5:51 pm