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Infection and hospitalization figures drop

The system reported 1,193 new positive cases of the virus captured in the last 24 hours and two new deaths. LUIS MARTINEZ/ LD

The official count of deaths in the Dominican Republic from complications of Covid rose to 4,307 yesterday, after a week of continuous reports of fatalities.

Santo Domingo, DR
Yesterday, the country reported 449 hospitalized patients due to Covid-19, of which 102 remained in health facilities in the metropolitan area and 180 in the provinces of Santiago, Puerto Plata, and Espaillat. At the same time, the rest are distributed in public and private centers at the national level.

Yesterday, 204 patients with the disease caused by the Covid-19 virus remained in intensive care, of which 94 were in Greater Santo Domingo and 75 in the provinces that make up the North Central Health region. In the country’s east, 54 patients remained hospitalized in regular beds and six in the ICU.

The occupancy of hospital beds at the national level was placed yesterday at 19 and 35%, respectively, both cases of regular beds and ICU with a downward trend. In ventilation, 102 patients were reported for an occupancy of 22% of the ventilators enabled for patients infected.

New infected
Yesterday’s report from the Ministry of Public Health, number 683 issued since the start of the pandemic to date, reported 1,193 new positive cases of the virus captured in the last 24 hours and two recent deaths.

In the National District, 385 new virus cases were detected yesterday; in Santiago 229, in Santo Domingo 201, and La Vega 81.

After reducing the demand for diagnostic tests by part of the population, after the peak registered in the first weeks of January caused by the fifth wave of the pandemic, yesterday the system reported the processing of 8,509 laboratory samples.

The daily positivity of the processed samples was placed at 26.61% and that of the last four weeks at 28.83%.

The active cases of the virus that the country had yesterday were 7,183, out of a total of 555,245 diagnosed since the start of the pandemic. Some 543,755 patients are reported as recovered.

With two new deaths, the total number of deaths from Covid-19 to date in the country is 4,307, with a fatality rate of 0.78 percent and mortality per million inhabitants at 412.21.

in the capital

There is a considerable drop in hospital admissions in Greater Santo Domingo.

Moscoso Puello
In Moscoso Puello, the Covid-19 Unit yesterday had 12 patients admitted with the virus: 4 in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), 6 in hospital, and 2 in emergency.

Luis E. Aybar
At Luis Eduardo Aybar, there were only five patients in the Intensive Care Unit.

At the Cardio-Neuro-Ophthalmological and Transplant Center (Cecanot), there are still 12 affected by Covid-19 in the ICU.

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John Conor
February 1, 2022 5:47 pm

449 hospitalized patients out of a population of around 11 million people…
4307 fatalities in 2 years…
Pandemic of stupidity