Local February 3, 2022 | 5:34 pm

Heart attacks have different symptoms in women than in men

Claudia Almonte.

Santo Domingo, DR

 According to cardiologist Claudia Almonte, only 45% of women know that their leading cause of death is cardiovascular disease.

The specialist states that cardiovascular risk increases at the age of menopause due to the decrease in estrogen, “but also if you have had early menopause or early hysterectomy, you can acquire the same risk of presenting said factor.”

Tomorrow Friday, the American Heart Association motivates the campaign “Dress red for women” to alert about the importance of regular preventive evaluations and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Almonte indicates that a heart attack in women can occur with different symptoms than men, “sometimes there is no chest pain, sometimes it can be a feeling of suffocation, back pain, nonspecific discomfort in the chest, sweating and fatigue.”

Prevention knows your family histories, such as sudden death, heart attack, and high cholesterol.

It is recommended that those who have had pre-eclampsia or eclampsia be evaluated every one or two years, not smoke, reduce alcohol consumption and control their weight.

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John Conor
February 4, 2022 3:18 pm

Well well well what could go wrong?