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Two million Dominicans already have the third anticovid dose

At the beginning of the vaccination against Covid, people made long queues to inject themselves, but in recent times attendance at the centers has dropped a lot.

Children from five to 11 years old will begin to be vaccinated starting next Monday following an immunization schedule established by the Ministry of Health that consists of two doses of Sinovac in 28 days.


Santo Domingo, DR

Two million eighty-five thousand Dominicans have received the third dose of the vaccine against Covid -19, whose mandatory nature begins on the 21st of this month.

Meanwhile, the country is preparing to start following Monday the immunization of children from five to 11 years old in schools, which will be done with two doses of the vaccine from the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, with an interval of 28 days between the first and second dose, following what is established in Resolution 0006-2022, issued by the Ministry of Public Health.

Until yesterday, according to the records of the National Vaccination Program, 2,085,399 people have received the third dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 nationwide. The vaccination card with that booster dose must be required from January 21 to use services and collective places.

Likewise, the second dose of the vaccine has been applied to date to 5,822,454 people over 18 years of age, and with the first dose, there are 7,013,826 people. The country’s initial programming is to reach 7.5 million Dominicans over 18 with immunization against the virus, or 70% of it.

The country has placed 14,962,295 doses against Covid-19 from different pharmaceutical companies, including Sinovac, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca.

For several months, vaccination has been applied to people over 12 years of age, and as of the following Monday, children from five to 11 years of age will enter the immunization scheme.

Through resolution 0006-2022, released this Monday, the Ministry of Public Health enabled the vaccination scheme against coronavirus for the entire population over five years of age, to whom two doses of the CoronaVac vaccine, manufactured by the Chinese pharmaceutical company, Sinovac.

The provision establishes that, between the first and the second dose of the vaccine, there are 28 days.

“It is recommended that all health and medical care providers at the national level, both public and private, accept the guidelines above to recommend vaccination to everyone over five years of age,” states the provision of the Ministry of Health.

In adopting the resolution, Public Health considered the decision to vaccinate children appropriate as recommended by the Pan American Association of Infectious Diseases (API), which “recommends supporting child vaccination in the countries of the American continent that have not yet initiated this strategy.” In the resolution, Public Health recalls that the vaccination of children was approved by the Dominican Medical Association and the Specialized Medical Societies in a meeting with the Health Cabinet on November 8.


outbreak The Covid-19 pandemic broke out in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China, in December 2019 and quickly spread to the rest of Asia, Europe, America, and finally Africa, leaving millions of infected and deaths.

In the country
The first case of Covid was registered in the Dominican Republic on March 1, 2020, and corresponded to an Italian tourist.

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February 10, 2022 2:52 am

Congrats, you have been injected nano technology.

Alberto Martinez
February 10, 2022 10:37 am
Reply to  FJB

FYI the goverment has been tracking you and hearing you through your mobile device since the early 2000s, and i suppose you where vaccinated as soon as you where born agaisnt few disseases so you should have those “nano techs” inside as well..