Local February 10, 2022 | 9:33 am

Bill aims to bolster Attorney General post

Santo Domingo.-The bill for constitutional reform sent by the Executive Branch to the Economic and Social Council (CES) to be debated at the thematic table on “Transformation and Institutionality”, proposes to change the name of the Attorney General of the Republic to Attorney General, and appointed for a single period of six years, period for which he will be irremovable.

The preliminary draft, discussed at the fifth thematic table installed last week in the framework of the “dialogue for reforms aims to guarantee the independence of the Public Ministry, strengthen the system of controls of the powers of the State and the constitutional bodies, make more efficient the processes of the Public Administration and consolidate the democratic exercise through punctual improvements to the electoral system.

Although so far the bill does not establish the new way in which the Attorney General will be appointed, it proposes changing the name of “Attorney General of the Republic” to Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General of the Attorney General of the Republic” by Attorney General Attached to the Attorney General of the Republic, “Attorney General of the Court” by Regional Prosecutor.

Likewise, it proposes to modify article 178 of the Constitution to exclude the Attorney from the National Council of the Judiciary.

It proposes to withdraw the responsibility of formulating State policies against crime

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