Local February 20, 2022 | 9:24 am

Non-invasive test for Colorectal Cancer detection arrives in the country

Doctor Plutarco Restituyo leading the conversation

ColoTect is highly sensitive in finding 87% of early-stage Colorectal Cancer and 42.1% of precancerous lesions.


Santo Domingo – Through a conversation, the CGE Medical Group presented the first non-invasive and susceptible colorectal cancer detection test to the Dominican market.

The discussion was led by Doctor Plutarco Restituyo, Gastroenterologist-Internist-Endoscopist, president of CGE Medical Group.

ColoTec is an innovative, unique test in the country that provides greater DNA stability greater sensitivity than the plasma. It offers specific and extensive information, detecting early-stage cancer in 87% and precancerous lesions in 42%.

In his dissertation before renowned Dominican gastroenterologists, Dr. Restituyo explained how innovative this test is ¨with ColoTec; human DNA is extracted from self-sampled stool samples and used for methylation-specific multiplex PCR to detect abnormally abnormal CRC methylated marker genes.¨

Dr. Plutarco Restituyo highlighted the need for many years of DNA and its benefits for a better diagnosis since working with genetics is preventive medicine, and that type of medicine is what we should aspire to as a country.

Colorectal Cancer, also called colon cancer, is the most preventable form of cancer and the least preventive; in its early stages, it is treatable in 90% of cases. According to statistics, 1.8 million new cases are detected each year, with about 861,000 deaths.

Among the advantages that benefit the patient of this innovative test is self-sampling at home, with a specificity of 93%.

The meeting organized by the CGE Medical Group was attended by distinguished gastroenterologists such as Dr. Clarali Almonte, president-elect of the Dominican Society of Gastroenterology; Dr. Marlene Pérez, former president of the Society of Gastroenterology; Dr. Raphael Gautreau; Dr. Sócrates Ravelo, Dr. Anny Mambru, director of the Japanese Dominican Gastroenterology Center.

The ColoTec test is part of the expansion of the CGE Medical Group services through its CGE Laboratory unit, which for 25 years in the Dominican market has always kept innovating for the well-being of Dominican health.

The innovative ColoTec test is only available in the laboratories of CGE Grupo Médico, Gazcue, Naco and Los Prados branches.

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