Local February 21, 2022 | 4:07 pm

43 structures will be closed for maintenance in Greater Santo Domingo

Long tunnel entrance

The Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) reported starting Monday the 21st. Until Saturday the 26th of February, it will close 43 metal structures, including tunnels and elevated highways in Greater Santo Domingo, with them for maintenance and cleaning work.

The closures will be total and partial and effective from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. the next day.

For this Monday and until Saturday, the 26th, there will be a partial closure in both directions of the Duarte highway corridor and the 27th of February tunnel between Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill avenues. The work to be carried out consists of painting metal railings and installing Led lights in the interior area.

17th Street with Sánchez Bridge

This Monday is the total closure of the overpasses (dry bridges) of Mirador Sur with Avenida Italia, Núñez de Cáceres with Cayetano Germosén, Núñez de Cáceres with Independencia, Núñez de Cáceres with George Washington, John F. Kennedy with Avenida Luperón (Kilometer 9), Padre Castellanos with Francisco del Rosario Sánchez, kilometer 13 of the Duarte highway with Extension 27. The Mella and Sánchez bridges, and the Núñez de Cáceres tunnel.

On Tuesday, there will be a total closure on the elevated roads of Luperón with the 30 de Mayo highway and the Duarte highway with Los Beisbolistas avenue (Manoguayabo). The overpasses of Jacobo Majluta with La Isabela highway (dry bridge), Reyes Católicos with Zoologico avenue (dry bridge).

Each case includes solid waste collection, sweeping and collecting aggregates, weed control, revision, repair, and electrical installation, general cleaning of the environment, drainage cleaning, painting, pressure washing of ´New Jersey´ type walls, and railings.

For Wednesday, the closures affect the overpasses of the 27th of February with Máximo Gómez, the 27th of February with Tiradentes, the dry bridges at kilometer 14 with the Duarte highway; 25 de Febrero with San Vicente, San Isidro with 25 de Febrero, marginal de Las Américas Oeste with 25 de Febrero, San Vicente de Paul with Las Américas highway, and San Isidro highway with Las Américas.

Also, this Wednesday, the closure will correspond to the elevated ones of the 27th of February with Ortega y Gasset and the Duarte highway with Monumental (Los Girasoles).

On Thursday, the overpasses of the Sánchez highway with Independencia (kilometer 12), the Quinto Centenario Expressway with San Martín, Charles de Gaulle with San Isidro, Charles de Gaulle with Mella highway, the overpasses of the V Centenario Expressway with Tunti Cáceres and Peña Batlle. The Ortega y Gasset tunnel control center (UASD) does not require closure.

For Friday, the closures correspond to the bridges of the 6th de Noviembre highway and Sánchez highway, the elevated ones of the Quinto Centenario Expressway with Duarte Avenue, and Quinto Centenario with Hermanos Pinzón; the tunnel of Las Américas and the elevated one of the Duarte highway with Monumental (Los Girasoles).

On Saturday, there will be a total closure for the overpasses of the 27th of February with Doctor Defilló and Carmen Mendoza, the 27th of February with Núñez de Cáceres, John F. Kennedy with Máximo Gómez, Ozama bridge, the elevation of the Duarte Highway with Monumental (Los sunflowers).

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