Local February 25, 2022 | 1:44 pm

Did you feel the “cold” this morning? Onamet forecasts pleasant temperatures

Santo Domingo, D.R.
The National Meteorological Office (Onamet) forecasts scattered clouds and moderate wind gusts over different localities of the northeast, southeast, north, and some border sectors.

Since the early hours of this Friday, strong winds have been originating with low temperatures due to the weather conditions of the countries located above the Dominican Republic, generally those of the north, this being “a normal situation” in these months of the year, according to Onamet forecaster Wagner Rivera.

However, Rivera added that the wind gusts would remain “moderate,” and only in some specific hours will they become colder, as in the early morning.

This incidence of cold breeze will prevail in the country for the next three days, and temperatures will remain pleasant, reaching a maximum of between 28°C and 30°C (82-86°F), while the minimum will be between 19°C and 21°C (68-70°F) in Greater Santo Domingo.

Despite the wind originating in the morning hours, for this Friday, the weather conditions will remain sunny, and in the early morning hours, the wind precipitations will intensify.

For this Saturday, the northeast wind will continue to bring some cloudy patches, along with local effects to produce scattered and passing rains with gusts of wind to the north, northeast, southeast, and the Central Cordillera, from the main hours of the day, and being more noticeable in the afternoon.

As for maritime conditions, they are abnormal on the Atlantic coast and part of the Caribbean coast.

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