Local March 1, 2022 | 11:04 am

Bill will make it harder for corrupt officials to keep loot

Felix Bautista, kept all the loot?

Santo Domingo.-  The steps that have been taken in the National Congress since 2014 to make the Domain Forfeiture Law a reality could lead to its approval in 2022, after having open support from President Luis Abinader and his Modern Revolutionary Party ( PRM).

The president in his accountability speech reported that he agrees with the approval of the draft bill to recover the money stolen from the Dominican people. Consequently, he asked the legislators to join in that purpose.

Currently, the National Congress is in possession of two bills on Extinction of Property Trials for the Civil Forfeiture of Illicit Assets; one that has been reintroduced since 2014 and another since 2021

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Paul Tierney
March 1, 2022 11:16 am

This is bewildering. There should be mechanisms in place to recover stolen money at this time. Suspect this bill is to make the process of making recovery more fluid, less tedious.

It is very interesting the photo of Senator Felix Bautista is posted for this article. He is a shoeshine boy who became a multimillionaire in a very short time after his entering government.