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More than 60 doctors said goodbye due to coronavirus

Erasmo Vásquez, former Minister of Public Health.

Santo Domingo, DR

The Dominican Medical College president, Waldo Ariel Suero, led the tribute to the more than 60 doctors who died from Covid-19.

One of the first to die from the virus, in March 2020, was the nutritionist and psychologist Mayra Suro from Saint Hilaire, after becoming infected while traveling on a cruise ship with other colleagues.

In July, at the age of 33, Dr. Ginette Pérez passed away. In August, Dr. Ramón Isaías Pumarol Peguero, a gynecologist-obstetrician, died of Covid-19.

That same month the city of La Vega said goodbye to the gynecologist Dolores Gómez (Lola). Also, in La Vega April, she said goodbye to the former Minister of Public Health, Erasmo Vásquez, one of the medical eminences of the entire Cibao. Her death caused great sorrow among her acquaintances and relatives.

Another death that shocked Dominican society in December 2020 was Dr. Ligia Lerox de Ramírez, National President of the Dominican Red Cross, from complications due to Covid-19.

Dominicans who died in the US
Far from their homeland, many art figures could not win the battle against the coronavirus.

In December, Dominicans mourned the death of prominent musician Jorge Taveras, who died of complications from the disease.

Art lost the surrealist painter Daniel. In 2020, the typical merengue player Bartolo Alvarado, El Ciego de Nagua, a prominent accordionist, perished.

Musician and pastor Fausto Arias, husband of Jocelyn, sister of Milly Quezada, singer Francis Oliver and writer René Rodríguez Soriano also died.

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