Local March 8, 2022 | 10:52 am

Regulator warns against Ponzi scam

Santo Domingo.- The Superintendence of the Securities Market (SIMV) today warned the population about the spread on the internet of alleged investment mechanisms involving the Foreign Exchange Currency Market (Forex), virtual assets, cryptocurrencies and in some cases pyramid )Ponzi) schemes, which offer unlikely returns.

Through a notice, the SIMV urged the public to be aware of the risks that derive from the materialization of operations in unregulated markets or participating in investment schemes outside the regulatory mechanisms and the consequences that derive from carrying out activities inherent to the market of securities through individuals or legal entities that are not registered in the Securities Market Registry.

“It is reiterated not to act on advertising stimuli on social networks and the internet or motivated by being approached through telephone calls and even by those related in person, unless they are duly registered entities, as they could constitute high-risk offers. of loss, which escape the protection granted by the legal framework of the Dominican Republic”, suggested the superintendence.

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