Local March 11, 2022 | 12:35 pm

Dominican hustlers had a hitman at their service

Santiago.- As a result of the telephone interceptions of the different “employees” of the call centers in Santiago, the Justice Ministry determined that the Discovery network had a hitman at its service.

In its 298-page file, the prosecution establishes that the accused David Antonio Guzmán Javier is an important member of the criminal organization, in addition to verifying that he was “a hit man at the service of Genaro Antonio Hernández Caba (a) Moreno K5”, owner of one of the most fearsome operations centers of the criminal network.

Both had links with the international gang Los Trinitarios, which supplied them with illegal weapons, states the filing.

In the fraudulent center, located on level three of a building without a number on the Duarte highway near Sabaneta de la Paloma avenue, Santiago de los Caballeros, Guzmán Javier had the functions of: opening and closing the establishment, controlling illegal operations that are carried out there, collect money from the shipments made from the United States by other members of the organization and the victims.

According to the authorities, the personnel of this clandestine center were the most ruthless and creative when suggesting their victims: “they scam people with the dramatic scenes of accidents.”

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Felix Arroyo
March 11, 2022 11:23 pm

Lovely! Gangs in the Dominican democracy! Great!