Local March 12, 2022 | 7:47 am

Onamet forecasts showers in the regions today

ONAMET Office of Meteorology

The National Meteorological Office (Onamet) forecast for this afternoon scattered showers for the north, northeast, southeast, including Santo Domingo and the National District.

The weather forecasting agency also said that temperatures would be low at night and early morning, especially in the mountains and valleys.

Meteorology recommends small, medium, and fragile boats, on the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts to navigate with caution near the coastal perimeter, without venturing out to sea due to wind and abnormal waves.}

For Saturday during the morning hours, good weather conditions are expected; in the afternoon, only some clouds will be observed due to the effect of the wind where some showers will occur, especially in sectors of the north, Central Mountain Range, northeast, and points of the southeast.

Partly cloudy to cloudy at times in the afternoon. We expect scattered showers over some locations in the north, northeast, southeast, including the GSD, the Central Cordillera, and some sectors of the border area.

On Sunday, the entry of the trough is associated with a cold front and, in association with the east/northeast wind, will cause increased cloudiness accompanied by downpours, thundershowers, and isolated wind gusts over provinces of the northwest, north, Central Cordillera, being less frequent in the northeast and southeast.


Santiago Partly cloudy at intervals with short spells in the mountain area. 28/ 30 17/19
Puerto Plata Scattered clouds. Some short-lived clouds in the mountainous region. 28/ 30 18/20
Duarte Mostly scattered clouds. 28/ 30 21/23
Constanza Increasing clouds at short intervals. 23/ 25 06/08
Peravia Low clouds and no significant rainfall expected. 29/ 31 21/23
San Pedro de Macorís Scattered clouds at times. 27/ 29 20/22
La Romana Mostly scattered clouds. 27/ 29 20/22
La Vega Short cloudy spells, scattered showers. 28/ 30 16/18
Monseñor Nouel Partly cloudy at short intervals, light showers. 28/ 30 19/21
San Cristóbal Medium cloudy at short intervals, isolated showers possible. 28/ 30 21/23
Samaná Partly cloudy with possible passing showers. 28/ 30 21/23

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