Local March 14, 2022 | 3:47 pm

Tourism will build the health system in Las Galeras

David Collado and authorities of Samaná during palazo.

Las Galares, Samana, DR

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, gave the first floor yesterday to start the construction work of the sanitary sewer system of this tourist community, Las Galares, Samaná, DR, with an investment of around 53 million pesos.

The work, which covers 1.7 kilometers, includes the necessary components for the collection and transportation of wastewater from the municipality, made up of: a main collector, a service line, household connections and the first phase of the impulsion line. In delivering the main speech, Minister Collado highlighted the importance of the work for Las Galeras, a municipality that he defined as a magical tourist destination, blessed by nature.

“These works are part of the concrete actions we are taking to strengthen the growth of tourism in Las Galeras and throughout the province of Samaná,” ​​said the official. He affirmed that thanks to the decisive support of President Luis Abinader, Dominican tourism has had a rapid and true recovery, for which it has become a world reference.

The work, carried out by the Ministry of Tourism, through the Executing Committee for Infrastructures in Tourist Zones (CEIZTUR), is an old claim of the community of Las Galeras, since due to its population growth it requires optimizing and adapting the waste management system. residual waters and leave the necessary forecasts for later adaptations, according to the expansion needs of the communities.

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Robert Lepage
March 14, 2022 8:49 pm

I am new to this country, only 1 year and a half but I think your new government Mr. Abinader is a keeper I am not normally a republican fan, more of a democrat but this guy I admire!