Local March 24, 2022 | 3:55 pm

Moscoso Puello Hospital has treated more than 200 tuberculosis patients so far this year.

The Hospital Doctor Francisco Moscoso Puello reported that so far in 2022, the center’s Tuberculosis Unit has treated 287 patients with tuberculosis and urged the population to pay attention to the symptoms of this condition, specifically frequent coughing.

“One should not think twice about going to the doctor immediately when a cough becomes frequent, especially if it is accompanied by fever, cold, loss of appetite and weight and other discomforts,” said the center’s director, Dr. Enmanuel Silverio.

The call is made to commemorate this Thursday, World Tuberculosis Day.

The head of the center’s Tuberculosis Unit, Dr. María del Carmen Corona Díaz, added that, in addition to the symptoms described by Silverio, tuberculosis causes chills and generalized weakness.

The specialist pointed out that this infectious disease is transmitted through saliva droplets that are spread in the air when the patient coughs, sneezes, or speaks stridently without mouth covers or masks. Through a communiqué from the center, the specialist recommended that people who have come into contact with tuberculosis-positive patients have regular medical check-ups.

The professional indicated that if you have a diagnosis of tuberculosis, you should take your treatment with responsibility and discipline, complying with the protocols and care offered by the team working to help you.

The Moscoso Puello hospital reported a specialized unit and services for consultations, accompaniment, diagnosis, treatment, counseling, tests such as Gene-Xpert, sputum culture (Sensitivity Test), and Bacilloscopy (BK).

World Tuberculosis Day was proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations to increase knowledge and raise awareness of the entire population. Furthermore, in 2014, the End TB Strategy was adopted to eliminate this terrible disease by 2035.

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Felix Arroyo
March 24, 2022 9:10 pm

The island is petri dish for microorganisms!