Local March 30, 2022 | 3:50 pm

Only 38 positives out of 2,735 samples processed in 24 hours

The Minister of Public Health Dr. Daniel Rivera.

This Wednesday, only 38 new cases of COVID were registered after processing 2,735 samples. Through the General Directorate of Epidemiology in its bulletin # 741, the Ministry of Public Health also informed that most of the tests were the first time and antigenic.

Total samples processed in 24 hours: 2,735; first time 1,946, subsequent 789; antigenic 2,095 and PCR 640.

There are currently 200 active cases, while 573,445 have been recovered. The case fatality rate remains at 0.76%. Daily positivity stands today at 1.95%.

It is recalled that several lots of unused vaccines expire today. This is because many people do not attend to receive the doses.

Hospital occupancy is at 5%, with 113 beds occupied out of 2373. In the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), 4 %, 21 occupied out of 585. And the ventilators equal 4 %, 18 settled out of 469.

The risk groups continue to be health care workers, pregnant women, and people under 20 years of age. In addition, there are people with hypertension and diabetes among the deceased.

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