Local April 5, 2022 | 2:58 pm

President Abinader sends message for National Journalists Day

On the occasion of the celebration of National Journalists’ Day on Tuesday, April 5, President Luis Abinader affirmed that there is no democracy without free information and without journalists who fully exercise their right to free expression.

On this day, the president sent a message of congratulations to Dominican communicators.

He stated that democracy is a system of collective decision-making based on free access to information.

“Journalists are the professionals responsible for obtaining, interpreting, processing, analyzing, and disseminating information,” said the head of state.

Abinader said that it is no exaggeration that the press is recognized as the fourth power, and that is why this April 5 is celebrated as National Journalists’ Day.

“Our recognition and congratulations to all journalists who honor the duty of seeking and reporting truthfully,” he said.

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