Local April 7, 2022 | 4:08 pm

Progressive National Force describes as “unconstitutional” measure that orders identification of foreigners

National Progressive Force Party. file photo

The party argued that this provision discriminates against foreigners and places the State in an open violation of the constitution.

Santo Domingo, DR

The National Progressive Force (FNP) considered “unconstitutional” the resolution of the General Directorate of Migration that orders that all foreigners, over 18 years of age, who have been granted a temporary residence card and permanent or definitive residence from the RT- 2 to RT-9, must request an identity card from the Central Electoral Board (JCE).

The political party argued that this provision, far from guaranteeing rights, discriminates against foreigners and places the State in a clear violation of the constitution and the law.

“Not all temporary residents (RT), even if they are called that, have a vocation for definitive settlement and consequently are non-residents , because it is the law itself that in ordinal 2 of article 31 defines as a temporary resident”, indicated the FNP in a document issued through its Political Commission.

In that same letter, the entity pointed out that the legislator has established the character of temporary residence of temporary residents and consequently their status as a non-resident, establishing that “the only possibility that a foreigner can apply for an immigration status while in the national territory, (art. 62), an exception that has been made exclusively for temporary residents, from which the category of non-resident of their status is very clear.”

Likewise, he specified that this possibility is closed by the same text for non-residents in the subcategories of temporary workers or border inhabitants, who can only “opt for Dominican residence after leaving for their country of origin and apply from there before a consulate. Dominican, prior compliance with the necessary requirements for this purpose.”


The FNP asked the director of Migration to revoke the decision to accept immigration processes for foreign citizens who obtain a visa in the national territory and to focus on creating the conditions to systematize the fines for companies that violate the Migration law so that it contributes to the application of labor nationalization standards.

“Hold on to a legacy, serve everyone and avoid serving by action or omission the interests from which a serious agenda is promoted against the Dominican nation, its identity, culture, beliefs, and mainly the right to defend its history.

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Felix Arroyo
April 8, 2022 9:31 pm

For security (we just had Colombians using Dominican land to launch the assassination of a foreign President), budget, and safety reasons, all foreigners must be registered with the government and carry an ID!
Otherwise, you will be treated as illegal subject to deportation. It is DR right to implement its sovereignty in DR.
This political party is antiDominican and it should be expel from DR!