Local April 14, 2022 | 2:36 pm

Safety prep includes QR code for beaches

Map of beaches and swimming areas. Image from defensacivil.gob.do

Santo Domingo.- In an innovative measure for this Easter Week’s safety preparations, the Civil Defense agency has created a QR code that shows, with a simple scan, which beaches and bathing resorts are open and safe for the enjoyment of the public.

They can also find out where the aid stations are located throughout the country to respond to any emergency for vacationers.

By accessing the code or by visiting www.defensacivil.gob.do, the public will be able to see the georeferenced bathing areas, thanks to the work of a team of technicians from the National Emergency Commission’s National Integrated Information System (SINI).

Director Juan Salas stated that, in coordination with the provincial and municipal Prevention, Mitigation and Response Committees (C- PMR), the Civil Defense agency will keep 420 bathing areas open to the public, while 232 will be closed as a preventive measure.

He added that the Civil Defense agency will have a total of 10,176 volunteers and 450 employees in order to provide assistance to the public during the holiday, working in 848 aid posts located in strategic points of the country.

These teams include 313 doctors and paramedics, search and rescue specialists, and vehicle extrication technicians, who will provide assistance and protection to vacationers and tourists traveling along the main roads, highways, avenues, and beach resorts.

There will also be 25 ambulances equipped and supplied with medicines, ready to provide pre-hospital assistance; 15 boats, 35 divers and 135 lifeguards, who will be posted in specific resorts for water rescues.

The agency will also be posting preventive messages on its website and social networks and broadcasting on the “Alertas Defensa Civil” radio show on La Voz de las Fuerzas Armadas 106.9 FM.

Mr. Salas called on the population to be aware and behave sensibly on this religious date.


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