Local April 19, 2022 | 3:00 pm

Easter 2022 was the deadliest in the last decade

General Juan Manuel Méndez García.

The Easter Week 2022 holiday ended with 34 deaths, 25 of them due to traffic accidents and nine due to drowning, according to the Emergency Operations Center (COE).

The director of the COE, Juan Manuel Méndez García, while releasing the final bulletin of the preventive operation “Conscience for Life 2022”, indicated that 187 traffic accidents were registered during the day, in which 257 people were affected.

Of the 187 traffic accidents, 140 involved motorcycles, of which 18 people died.

Méndez García was alarmed when he offered the information that 28 of the 547 reports of alcohol intoxication corresponded to minors between 2 and 17 years of age.

He said that he would deliver the corresponding list to the authorities so that they could proceed accordingly with the parents of the minors.

He specified that the displacement during Easter Week 2022 exceeded five million people and that the operation provided assistance to 12,681 citizens. Of the aid to the public, 10,455 were road assistance, 2,138 medical, 53 rescues in the high seas and seaside resorts, and 35 to minors who went astray and were handed over to their parents.

In a press conference, he detailed that of the traffic accidents, 33 involved light vehicles, four involved heavy vehicles, one bicycle, and there were 12 run-over accidents.

Among the most lethal
The final Easter holiday is one of the most lethal of the last decade, only surpassed in the number of deaths by those of 2012, in which there were 40 deaths, of which traffic accidents and four by drowning caused 31.

Meanwhile, in 2019 and 2014, there were 33 deaths each. In addition, in 2019, there were 30 deaths caused by traffic accidents, and in 2014 there were 29 deaths caused by traffic accidents.

Women killed
During the Semana mayor’s holiday, the blood of four women was spilled as a result of male violence.

Last Thursday, April 13, while hundreds of Dominicans were getting ready to take a trip or buy the ingredients to make the traditional habichuelas con dulce, tragedy struck the home of Kirsy Raquel Raquel Guerra Mella (Raquelita), former participant of the reality show Masterchef Dominicana.

Her ex-partner, Ricardo Antonio Leonor Abreu, violated a restraining order, entered her home in Santo Domingo East, and killed her mother, Reina Margarita Perez Mella, with 25 stab wounds and wounded her 19-year-old son. The latter remains hospitalized in the Dario Contreras Trauma Hospital.

On Holy Saturday, the mourning moved to Los Alcarrizos. A 20-year-old woman was shot in the head by a man identified as Luis Alfredo de los Santos (Kikito).

On Easter Sunday, another bloody incident took place. According to the authorities, Wandy Hernandez killed his ex-partner, Jelissa Paulino Hernandez, and his ex-daughter-in-law, Ivelisse Corona Martinez, with a knife. The incident occurred in the municipality of Sosúa, Puerto Plata province.

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