Local April 19, 2022 | 7:19 am

Public Health urges to be careful of infectious outbreaks due to rains

Eladio Pérez

The Ministry of Health asked the population to follow the recommended preventive measures to avoid infectious outbreaks due to the constant rains that have fallen in the national territory.

MOH reminds the population of the preventive measures to avoid epidemic outbreaks due to rains.

Floods are usually a threat in the appearance of disease outbreaks, said the Vice-Minister of Collective Health, Dr. Eladio Pérez.

Among the recommended measures are washing hands with soap and water, especially after going to the bathroom or lavatory, before eating, handling food, and after changing babies’ diapers.

Likewise, wash canned foods, juices, soft drinks, and other packaging before consuming them.

Wash food well before eating, especially fruits and vegetables, sanitize food cans, make water drinkable if it is from an unsafe source, and apply five drops of chlorine per gallon.

Rains affect families in the Lavapiés sector of Km.18
On the other hand, the recent rains that have fallen in large part of the country have brought out the needs of dozens of families in various areas.

Such is the case of the Lavapiés sector located at kilometer 18 of the Duarte Highway, where the waters of the Arroyo Lebrón left dozens of families underwater.

For Luisa Lorenzo García, the situation is complicated since she is affected by an ulcer in her neck and has poor vision, as she commented to the journalist of the newspaper Hoy.

She says that when the water came down, they took advantage of the situation to remove some of the mud that had been washed away and thus be able to get a little sleep.

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