Local April 25, 2022 | 4:34 pm

Strike organizers in San Francisco de Macorís disassociate themselves from burning tires on the roads

Santo Domingo, DR

The promoters of the work stoppage in San Francisco de Macorís disassociate themselves from the events that are taking place in that municipality in the Duarte province, where there are sectors such as Pueblo Nuevo where the streets are full of garbage, and there are burning tires.

They allege that the organizations made a tour on Sunday, and their claims were peaceful until people who were not from the collective appeared.

They indicated that the Government had sent these people to discredit the historic struggle of the Collective of Social and Popular Organizations.

Commerce, transportation and educational centers are paralyzed.

They say that this strike is to respond to the authorities, who promised to solve the demands when they were in the opposition, campaigning.

They indicate that the government’s only option is the public-private alliance and that the poor are not on its agenda.

José Mercado, one of the spokesmen, said he was referring to a young man who was wounded by a bullet yesterday and affirmed that this shows the insecurity in that town where people are injured and killed every day. “The case has nothing to do with this movement.”

In other areas of the Cibao there are clashes with the Police, such as in Licey al Medio.

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