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The Medical Association will not hide test results in death of José Gregorio Custodio in Ocoa

The body of José Gregorio Custodio full of bruises. External source.

Dr. Senén Caba pointed out that there are several versions of the event and that, for this reason, it must be thoroughly investigated.


Santo Domingo, DR

The president of the Dominican Medical College (CMD) assured that the union is carrying out its investigation into the recent death of young José Gregorio Custodio in San José de Ocoa after being detained and given assurances that the truth of what was found in the medical evaluation.

Dr. Senén Caba made the statement when asked about family versions that show that the young man was beaten to death by police officers after being arrested and that he was taken to the San José hospital in the early hours of the morning, where initially, the medical personnel who attended him said that he was “broken from the blows” and then changed the version saying that the bruises he presented were the result of an allergy.

The president of the medical union warned that this case must be taken to the last consequence and that the population can be sure that the medical union is not going to lend itself to any situation that tends to hide the truth of what happened to put an end to the valuable life of Custodio, cut short at 38 years of age.

He pointed out that there are several versions of the event and that, for this reason, it must be thoroughly investigated. “That is in the hands of justice; the Medical College has kept in touch with the relatives, to whom we offer our deepest condolences and join in their pain,” added Caba.

He said that they will not pass judgment until now so as not to hinder the investigations.

South Regional College

In this regard, Dr. José Antonio Santana, Southern Regional President of the CMD, said that his investigations were carried out, confident that the version that will be supported is the true one, but that before issuing his opinions, the results of the investigation should be awaited that is held.

Regarding the complaint from relatives that the hospital closed the morgue and did not let the family in, he said he did not know the reasons but that the participating doctors were investigating the case.

Custodio had been arrested in the early hours of Sunday the 17th due to his partner’s complaint that he was aggressive while under the influence of alcohol. On Monday, he was taken to the hospital in agony, where he died.

General Then promises to act.

Wait for Inacif

Last Sunday, the director of the Police, Major General Alberto Then, visited Custodio’s relatives in Ocoa and promised that as soon as he had the Inacif report, he would proceed against the culprits.

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