Local April 30, 2022 | 12:29 pm

Improved customer service at the Dog Track

Mistreatment of users was common at the Dog Track.

Santo Domingo, DR
At the Vehicle Retention Center of the General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transportation (Digesett), former El Coco Racetrack, there was an atmosphere free of tension yesterday.

There were very few citizens in this space waiting for news about their impounded vehicles.

According to the citizens themselves, the low concentration of people in this detention center is due to the improved service.

When comparing the situation at the Canódromo before and after the violent incident perpetrated against the Ombudsman, Pablo Ulloa, and several members of the national press last Monday, April 12, the users said that weeks ago, it was “a real headache” to wait to be attended to.

They indicated that having their confiscated vehicles returned to them was chaotic.

According to what they said to journalists of Listín Diario, in the past, they had to wait in line at the entrance and another one inside the detention center. However, they specified that the line is currently only inside the place, and everything is progressing more smoothly.

While authorities of the Digesett expressed that the process of cleaning and recovery of the Canódromo is being carried out by the commission created by President Luis Abinader.

The commission agreed to examine the legal status of all the vehicles to hand them over to the persons who show the documentation required by law.

At the next meeting, the administrative bodies will designate working groups for each retention center to support the Comptroller General of the Republic’s general survey of these units and their condition.

Legal status will be verified
The commission created by the head of state agreed to examine the legal status of all vehicles detained to hand them over to the persons who show the documentation required by law.

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