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DiDi Moto arrives in Santo Domingo on May 3

DiDi Moto

DiDi Moto arrives in Santo Domingo this May 3. Users can request private services to travel by motorcycle through the app and thus overcome traffic congestion in the capital without overspending.

And to celebrate the launch week, DiDi Moto users will be able to make their travel requests and take advantage of extraordinary promotions, such as coupons redeemable for up to 100% of the value of the travel request.

Santo Domingo is the first city in Latin America where DiDi enables this technological product. For users, accessing DiDi Moto is very simple: they need to download the DiDi Pasajero app, complete the registration process and choose DiDi Moto from the available options.

If they already have the app on their mobile device, from now on, they will automatically see the new product available without the need for additional steps.

DiDi Moto joins DiDi Express, which connects users with private car driver-partners, available in the Dominican Republic since November 2020, and the company’s most recent launch: DiDi Food, a technological product to make delivery a satisfying, delicious, and accessible option for every day.

“The Dominican Republic is a very important country for DiDi. There are so many moments in the routine of Dominicans where we want to make life easier and create a positive impact.

Suppose a person in Santo Domingo needs to get to their destination quickly, taking advantage of the facilities economically offered by a motorcycle. In that case, they can select DiDi Moto.

Also, if you want to go with your family or a group of two or three people to the Colonial Zone to a restaurant, you can do it with Express.

If you want to eat delicious food without the need to go out, you have DiDi Food,” explained Jorge Ordóñez, DiDi’s general manager for Central America, the Caribbean, Colombia, and Ecuador.

Make your day with DiDi Moto and take advantage of the launch promotions!

To celebrate DiDi Moto’s debut in Santo Domingo, DiDi has great promotions available. From May 3 through May 6, users will be able to request a ride on DiDi Moto and apply coupons for up to 100% of the value of the request, up to a maximum of RD$ 115 per ride, according to the terms and conditions available at the link https://z.didi.cn/5E1Am.

Also, during May, there will be DiDi Days. That is days in which users will be able to save up to 50% on the value of the trip request by means of coupons redeemable through DiDi Moto. The terms and conditions of this promotion can be consulted at https://z.didi.cn/5crIr

“There is still a lot of good news we are preparing for the Dominican Republic. We continue to confirm since we are available with DiDi Express, that the Dominican Republic is the best gateway to the Caribbean.

This country deserves the best, and we are working with that in mind. Expect much more from DiDi during 2022,” Ordóñez concluded.

Current and new users must stay tuned to the announcements appearing on the app, so they can take advantage of all that DiDi brings for these first days.

About DiDi

READ: DiDi Moto arrives in Santo Domingo with great promotions

DiDi Global Inc. (NYSE: DIDI) is the world’s leading smart mobility platform. The company offers a wide range of app-based services in the Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Africa, including app-based transportation, cab transportation, ridesharing, and other forms of shared mobility, as well as solutions for automotive, and food delivery, freight transportation, and logistics and financial services.

DiDi offers car owners, drivers, and delivery drivers self-employment opportunities and flexible earnings.

The company is committed to collaborating with policymakers, the cab industry, the automotive industry, the restaurant industry, and communities to solve, through technology, the world’s mobility challenges, environmental and economic opportunities with localized smart mobility innovations through the use of artificial intelligence technology.

DiDi strives to create better life experiences and greater social value by building a local ecosystem of safe, inclusive, and sustainable services for the cities of the future.

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Paul Tierney
May 1, 2022 11:53 am

Can we expect route and service violent battles between them and let’s say Uber?