Local May 3, 2022 | 2:59 pm

Disorders and anxiety after the Covid pandemic

Covid virus caused anxiety and sleep disorders.

Santo Domingo, DR

The low incidence of cases of the Covid-19 virus that the country registers has brought with it a decrease in the demand for psychological assistance associated with the pandemic on the part of the Dominican population.

However, as of April 12, the Ministry of Public Health, through its Department of Mental Health, reports 11,297 psychological and psychiatric assistance interventions carried out by the Team of psychologists and psychiatrists against Covid-19.

Anxiety and sleep disorders were the afflictions with the highest percentages of reports, with 38% and 23%, respectively, of the total attended, with women being the ones with the greatest demand for assistance during that period.

Although the sequels are still maintained, the requests for assistance, according to their specialists, are less than those received in the first year of the start of the health crisis.


Of the total support interventions and psychological help, women were the ones who made the greatest number of requests, reaching 7,635; while 3,662 were offered to men. Some 892 were referred to specialized care services. Of the interventions, 8,246 were to the general population and 2,746 to health personnel.



According to a report, the demand for psychological assistance associated with the pandemic is reduced.


The Ministry of Public Health offered 11,297 interventions, the majority to women, with anxiety and sleep disorders being the most frequent.

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