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Safety measures for tourist boat excursions are enforced

he Bayahibe-Isla Saona flow has moved between 800 and 900 thousand passengers annually. FLORENTINO DURAN

These boats allow tourists to enjoy the scenery and nature in the entire area of Bavaro, Punta Cana, Juan Dolio, Guayacanes, and Miches.



Bayahibe, La Altagracia, DR

Two decades ago, the journey to Saona Island was made in small and insecure wooden “little boats.”

The growth of tourism and the demand for tourists, made an industry arise that, besides jobs, has been forced to offer more security to the visitor.

Hence the change from rustic transportation to a more modern and safer one.

That is why tour operators and agents, inside and outside the country, offer in their packages to visitors tours of the beautiful beaches of the eastern region in boats that allow greater enjoyment of the scenery and nature throughout the area of Bávaro, Punta Cana, Juan Dolio, Guayacanes and Miches.

In an area where more than 600,000 tourists move every year, two accidents occurred in one week that worries those who manage this service.

These events, in which Argentine Payano and Danny de Paula lost their lives, have forced us to review the boats and the safety of the operations, in order to guarantee the lives of those who choose to visit the Dominican tourist area.

The operation of the boats that offer excursions in the Eastern region is not done in a disorganized manner.

There is the Association of Owners of Tourist Companies La Romana-Bayahibe (ADETURBI) presided by Manuel Iturbí.  This one is constituted by 14 companies related to the excursions which are carried out and assure that everything operates correctly.

The entity tries to have the greatest safety and to prevent the occurrence of accidents which, “sometimes” are inevitable as in any activity.

The Bayahibe-Isla Saona flow has reached to mobilize 800 and 900 thousand passengers annually, before the pandemic, where each tourist pays an average of 2,500 pesos, equivalent to about 40 dollars, including the trip, meals, and drinks.


The regulations to guarantee the safety of the occupants of these boats must be complied with and are supervised by personnel of the Dominican Navy, the Ministries of Environment and Tourism, and Politur.

The companies must have permits, insurance, life jackets, and first aid kits, indispensable things that are supervised by the agents, who prevent the departure of boats and launches if they do not comply with this requirement.

The zeal that everything operates well also comes from the Association of Hotels directed by Andrés Fernández and from the Tourist Cluster La Romana-Bayahíbe.

To use a boat, the regulations must be complied with, points out Eddy Quiñonez, one of the founders of the destination, who assures that the permits, insurance and approval, according to what the norms established, must be counted on.

“We are a privileged place, a destination with more than 25 years of growth, stable, with a minimum of accidents, with a commitment with the client, with his business, with the country and with the tourism sector to offer the best product,” he emphasized.

He assures that the Navy is permanently reviewing, checking, and supervising.

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El Yolero
May 6, 2022 9:58 pm

Are these requirements periodically verified and enforced?? Or do the officials wait until something happens!

Paul Tierney
May 7, 2022 6:40 am
Reply to  El Yolero

The requirements have always been there. Enforcement is selective.

The news releases from the associations and tourist clusters about “safety” has more to do with building trust with tourists arriving for the late spring and summer seasons to bring them and revenue to their venues.