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The sectors of the GSD that are without water due to failure

Without water (external source).

The general director of the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (CAASD), Felipe Suberví, reported that the institution’s brigades are working on solving a breakdown caused this Sunday by a drilling machine from a private company in the Los Ríos sector. Of the National District.

The official assured that the CAASD teams work continuously to correct as soon as possible the situation that affects one of the distribution lines of the Valdesia Santo Domingo Aqueduct.

“This line conducts approximately 70 million gallons per day, so our institution proceeded to close it, to identify the damage to the pipeline and proceed with the solution work,” Suberví said.

He also indicated that the tasks are carried out on Colonel Juan María Lora Fernández Avenue, in the aforementioned sector of the capital.

“Our brigades will work uninterruptedly 24 hours a day to correct this situation as soon as possible and restore service to the affected sectors,” stressed the head of the CAASD.

Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation of Santo Domingo (CAASD)

In addition, he announced that the institution would be taking the appropriate measures against the company that caused the problem, highlighting that it did not have the corresponding permit.

“The CAASD had granted a permit for a sewage filter in the western part of the road and they did it in the eastern part, where they cross the lines of the Valdesia aqueduct,” he explained.

Affected sectors

Likewise, the official explained that the sectors affected by the breakdown are: Quisqueya expansion; The Million; Beautiful view; Renaissance; South Lookout; North Lookout; and The Chiefdoms.

He indicated that the service would be limited in Las Praderas, Saint Geronimo, The Rosmil; Restorers; Manganagua, and all sectors north of Independencia Avenue.

Looking for water (External source)

Felipe Suberví stressed that due to the exit of the right line of the Valdesia system, as a result of the breakdown in Los Ríos, this Monday, May 9, La Ciénaga, Los Guandules,

Guachupita, María Auxiliadora, Social Improvement and Villa María, in the National District.

Also, Villa Fontana; Villa Juana; Villa Consuelo; Agricultural Villages; Simon Bolivar; April 24; Gualey; Espaillat widening; widen Luperon; Kennedy and La Fe widening.

Also, Arroyo Hondo; Deep Creek II; Deep Creek III; Christ the King; The Augustine; The Augustinian; Hills of Arroyo Hondo; The Puya of Arroyo Hondo; The Pines of Arroyo Hondo; Claret widening; Los Ríos and the neighborhood La 800ta.

As well as, Slopes of Arroyo Hondo; Villa Claudia; Villa Graciela, Villa Amanda; Real city; residential Carmen Maria; Manzano Creek; Iron door; residential Plateau; Cuesta Hermosa I II and III; Isabel Villas, and others.

The director of the CAASD revealed that by Tuesday, May 10, the drinking water service for San Gerónimo would be limited; Liberator of Herrera; Buenos Aires of Herrera; The Palms of Herrera; Duarte de Herrera neighborhood; Enriquillo neighborhood; Holguin neighborhood of Herrera; The sale; Poplar; Prairie; Herrera Industrial Zone; The Falklands of Herrera; among others of the great Santo Domingo.

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