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What to do in the most important tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic? here some ideas

Colonial City, Santo Domingo. File photo.

The destinations that received the most visitors are Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, Santiago de los Caballeros, and Puerto Plata.

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The recovery of tourism in the Dominican Republic is happening very quickly. It has even experienced record levels of national and international visitors.

“We did it again. The growth we achieved in April is unprecedented. It is the best April in the history of Dominican tourism,” said David Collado, Minister of Tourism, in a statement.

The destinations that received the most visitors are Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, Santiago de los Caballeros, and Puerto Plata. If you want to discover why so many visitors are attracted to these sites, we will tell you what the travel proposal is for them.

What to do in the Dominican Republic?

1) Punta Cana

Dominican Republic destinations Punta CanaPhoto: John Prefer/Unsplash.

The charming beaches of this exclusive Caribbean refuge have positioned it among the fastest-growing tourist sites in all of Latin America. This is due to its wide travel offer where there is even the possibility of finding places away from the big crowds. It also has cenotes, lagoons, and caves for nature lovers.

2) Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic destinationsPhoto: Courtesy Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic.

The capital of the Dominican Republic is considered the city with the most history in America. This was the first European city in the New World, so it still has fantastic colonial architecture. A visit to the historical center is an obligatory stop to discover the First Cathedral of America, the Ozama Fortress, the Alcazar de Colón, and the Parque Independencia. Also, a quiet walk along its beautiful boardwalk is highly recommended.

3) Santiago of the Knights

Dominican RepublicPhoto: Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic

It is the second-largest city in the country. For this reason, it houses many surprises for those who seek to know more than just beaches. Surrounded by the beautiful Cibao Valley, the world epicenter of tobacco plantations, a visit to La Aurora, the oldest tobacco industry in the Dominican Republic, is a must. For lovers of history and art, the Eduardo León Cultural Center and the Santiago Apóstol Cathedral are must-sees.

4) Puerto Plata

tourist destination

Photo: Joel Castilla/Unsplash

Although it is less known than Punta Cana, this tourist destination also has paradisiacal white sand beaches such as  Dorada, Sosúa, Cabarete, or a little more remote: Punta Rucia or Cambiaso. Getting on the cable car will allow you to contemplate the city from above; This has become a symbol of Puerto Plata. For a bit of history, the San Felipe Fortress will enable you to learn how the site was defended from pirates and corsairs in ancient times.

These four destinations are the ones that most attract national and foreign visitors to reveal a new look at the Dominican Republic.

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Paul Tierney
May 12, 2022 7:31 pm

It is a shame there is no mention at all of the mountain areas such as Jarabacoa.

Felix Arroyo
May 18, 2022 1:00 am
Reply to  Paul Tierney

Yes! But I believe coastal geography and history are the two biggest selling point to the northerners. They have plenty of mountains, lakes, desert, and human development (cities) in their countries.