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Consumer law and its application in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo

The content of this book by the tireless worker Altagracia Paulino was a historical vision and her management experiences when she served as Executive Director of the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro Consumidor).

Consumer Advocate

When I write that she is tireless, it is because, since I have known her for a long time, she maintains that energy, that firmness, and what stands out most are the contributions she has made to the well-being of consumers who we all are. That constant defense of our rights in all areas, you can count on the fingers of those who have followed that trajectory.

This woman is always on the prowl, defending those most in need when it comes to the rise of the family basket, quality verification, safety of consumer products, labeling, verification of advertising on products and services, etc.


The content of the book includes, in addition to the dedication, presentation, prologue, introduction, and historical background, the chapters: The origin of consumer rights, Consumer rights in the Dominican Republic, Significant changes in consumer practice, Disappearance of price controls, The report and laws that should have been approved; The family basket, Central Bank, wages and consumers.

Also, the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights; Experiences during the process of gestation of the law, Deputies place on the agenda proposed law; With the election of the first council, the Institute begins its work; The promotion of consumer organizations, among other issues.


Noris Decena, journalist and unconditional collaborator of the author, was in charge of the production, coordination, care of the edition, and printing of this experiential memory.

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