Local May 17, 2022 | 1:46 pm

The first digital newspaper specialized in the real estate sector appears

Ana Maria Ramos, editor. ( external source )

Marry Your House, Real Estate Market, Opinions, Events, and Inmo-Global are part of the menu of categories that make up El Inmobiliario


El Inmobiliario is the first digital communication medium specialized in the real estate industry that has just been exposed to the public to offer information on this critical pillar of the national economy.

With a fresh and easy-to-read design, this bet was born to serve valuable data and guidance to the dynamic sector, made up of developers, real estate agencies, promoters, architects, and a vast network of the critical line of productivity in the country.

“We open this digital media, to bring information with valuable and useful content to the different audiences that make up the real estate market in the Dominican Republic,” explained Ana María Ramos, editor, who is a journalist with many years of experience and entrepreneur in business, including real estate.

Cásate con Tu Casa, Real Estate Market, Opinions, Events, and Inmo-Global are part of the menu of categories that make up El Inmobiliario, which has various sections designed to fill the information gap in the Real Estate sector.

It is a tool with valuable and related information that promoters, builders, engineers, architects, and professionals in the area can consult; It includes a Newsletter so that those interested can sign up and receive the daily news. It is in the social networks in the social networks elinmobiliariodo.

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May 18, 2022 9:12 pm

the problem is when you have developers stealing, cheating buyers… this sector can do even better if the country don’t let developers lied and offer things that they do not intend to do. happens a lot in Punta Cana. why don’t you do a little research on how many developers have lawsuits, some have like 40 plus and still keep working, with corrupt fiscales and juezes en la Altagracia provincia.