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30% of the Dominican population suffers from hypertension

The Dominican population must reduce the intake of salt and fat, as well as exercise to reduce cardiovascular risks.

Santo Domingo, DR

 30 % of the Dominican population over 18 years of age suffers from arterial hypertension, a significant risk factor in the development of cardiovascular diseases.

This condition, whose incidence in the country is higher in women than in men, is among the ten leading causes of morbidity and mortality.

As World Hypertension Day was commemorated yesterday, both national authorities and specialists agree on the need for the population to adopt preventive measures, especially changes in eating habits and increasing physical activity.

It is estimated that 30% of the world’s adult population suffers from high blood pressure, and 50% of people are unaware that they have high blood pressure.

The Ministry of Public Health recalled that it develops initiatives that make the high rates of high blood pressure visible to the population in terms of promotion, education, and awareness, establishing spaces to motivate the population to change lifestyles through healthy eating, exercise physical such as walking, timely check-ups, among others.

He recalled the “National Day of Arterial Hypertension, prevention of Overweight, Obesity, Diabetes, and Hypertension (SODHI)” that, in a first version, has given results that motivate urgent actions.

Lack of diagnosis
At the same time, Dr. Rony Calderón, Medical Manager of Sanofi, recalls that the lack of diagnosis and timely treatment can lead to complications ranging from the development of coronary, cerebrovascular, chronic kidney diseases, and heart failure to death of the patient.

Hence, it recommends that the population reduce salt intake, eat a balanced diet, engage in physical activity, limit alcohol consumption and avoid tobacco use, among other preventive measures.

In a press document, Dr. Calderón indicates that arterial hypertension symptoms are practically imperceptible, some being headaches, which appear in the morning, nose bleeds, irregular palpitations, ringing in the ears, and visual disturbances.

He said that this pathology becomes evident when it has advanced. Hence, it is essential to carry out preventive medical check-ups regularly to identify any irregularity in time and to lead a healthy lifestyle, which reduces the chances of having this condition.

Arterial hypertension (AHT) is a disease that occurs when blood pressure rises steadily above the values ​​considered normal.

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Felix Arroyo
May 20, 2022 12:47 am

Junk food from abroad and the unhealthy fried food from street vendors are killing the Dominican. Return to traditional Dominican staples! No more corn syrup or salt or red meat.