Local May 21, 2022 | 12:39 pm

National Police intervenes in Pekin and other neighborhoods due to high levels of violence

The Cibao Central Regional Police Directorate permanently intervened in the sector of Pekin and surrounding areas after the incidents of the last 72 hours, which have left two people dead and others detained for alleged links to drugs.

At the same time, similar actions are being carried out in other sectors to stop drug micro-trafficking, which keeps the residents of these communities in fear.

The regional director, General Ernesto Rodríguez García, said that all the investigative and preventive agencies were deployed, people were arrested, portions of drugs were seized, and points of sale and distribution were dismantled.

The streets of Pekin are patrolled and watched under a strict control system, and vehicles have been seized.

Three men were killed in Santiago.
A man was shot dead this Thursday afternoon while he was inside his vehicle, in the sector of La Cruz de Mary Lopez, in the southern zone of this city.

The victim was Ramón Tineo Hernández, 48 years old. After being shot several times, he was taken to the Juan XXIII peripheral hospital in the Pekin sector, where he died.

According to the versions, Tineo Hernández was shot by other unidentified men traveling in a vehicle.

The victim was traveling in a white Kia car. Members of the National Police went to the crime scene for investigation purposes.

With the death of Tineo Hernandez, there have now been three people killed in similar circumstances in Santiago in less than 72 hours.

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Felix Arroyo
May 22, 2022 1:05 am

Expect antisocial acts like this where the law, the uniformed and the nation are disrespected. Nothing good can be expected when a historical enemy fills your country! What kind of warning signal do you need to see the hole you are dug in?