Local May 22, 2022 | 9:23 am

Capitaleños fight the heat in the street and still complain about the lack of electricity

photography by Jazmin Diaz

Santo Domingo

With games of dominoes, beers, music, and jokes, the citizens of the Capotillo, Villa Juana, Colonial City, and Villa María sectors were distracted on Saturday afternoon. The reason? They took to the streets of their respective neighborhoods to combat the high temperatures that yesterday were between 31-22 degrees.

Manuel Cáceres, a resident of Calle 42 del Capotillo, maintained that he had no choice but to leave his home since the heat and lack of electricity did not allow him to be inside.

The inhabitants of the Villa Juana sector complained about the lack of electricity in this capital neighborhood.

“Here, we have had no light since eight in the morning, and it is almost night; the president must do something to change this,” said José Núñez.

Similarly, the residents of the Colonial Zone explained that they usually share a drink every weekend while playing dominoes with the neighbors.

“We sit here because the sea breeze helps us to cool down, and sometimes it is good to share with the neighbors and spend a family moment,” said Martha Sánchez.

The atmosphere in Parque Colón was more dynamic since, apart from the games and alcoholic beverages, musical, religious, theatrical, and dance groups could be seen in the surroundings.

At 6:00 in the afternoon, a group led by the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) began to play, dance, and sing to the rhythm of merengue; the song “Bilirubina” by Dominican singer Juan Luis Guerra kicked off the party.

The Dominicans in the surroundings accompanied the dance team, while the tourists dedicated themselves to looking on and smiling. The French Arlond Debois exclaimed, “I love this country; everything is joy and celebration; it is like a paradise on Earth.

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