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Robert Reid records no admissions from Covid, but children come in with gastroenteritis

Robert Reid Cabral Hospital, LD file photo

Children with fever, stomach pain, and vomiting have been visiting the emergency room frequently.



Santo Domingo, DR
The Robert Reid Cabral Pediatric Hospital has not registered any admissions of minors for Covid 19 for about three months.

However, in the last two weeks, children with symptoms of fever, stomach pain, and vomiting have frequently been visiting the emergency room of this medical center.

During a visit made by this newspaper to the also known as “Angelita,” we spoke with a nurse who associated the cause of these symptoms with the food ingested by the minors.

“There are multiple factors for which the children come with these symptoms; first the food they eat, many times the parents do not know what the infant may be intolerant to, and that is more common than everyone thinks,” said Carmen Feliciano, a nurse for more than two years at that hospital.

Likewise, she assured me that one of the reasons could be the year’s season.

“Each season has its own pattern of illnesses in children and normally in this one, stomach discomfort and vomiting are normal, as well as in winter they come in a lot due to congestion and chest tightness,” Feliciano said.

These symptoms come together and are called “gastroenteritis,” according to a pediatrician on duty at the Robert Reid emergency room.

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Paul Tierney
May 22, 2022 9:06 am

There has been no suggested mention the gastroenteritis may be caused by changes in the children’s normal diets. If the major percentage of the ill children are poor, inflation may have caused caregivers to purchase less food cheaper foods, and deficient foods; thus causing the symptoms.